2017 Award Winners

2017:  Congratulations to this year´s award winners in the U18 & U13 divisions.  Coaches picked award winners from their team, and nominated someone for the overall Division awards.

U18 Coaches:  Ryan Franken (BA Blacktop), Josh Rohmer (Source for Sports), Randy Younghusband (Gibsons Building Supplies)

Most Improved: Zoe Gartnmann (BA), Emelie Horabin (GBS), Nick Stinchcombe (Source)
Most Sportsmanlike: Celeste Evans (BA), Tyson Fallis (GBS), Meghan Robinson (Source)
Most Inspirational: Jordan Robinson (BA), Tristian Tidder (GBS), Nathaniel Marshall (Source)
Unsung Hero:  Jaden Fodchuck (BA), Tiffany Baldwin (GBS), Jaden Copping (Source)

Most Improved: Nick Stinchcombe
Most Sportsmanlike: Jordan Robinson
Most Inspirational: Zoe Younghusband
Unsung Hero:  Isaiah Murphy

U13 Coaches: Darryl Gower (Moorestock), Brad Wing (Canadian Tire), Dann Flatt (Flemming & Sombrowski)

Most Improved: Chase Stelter (Moorestock), Jackson Munro (CT), Carter (F&S)
Most Sportsmanlike: Jeni MacLean (Moorestock), Callum Baxster (CT), Blake (F&S)
Most Inspirational: Matti Maguire (Moorestock), Brittany (CT), Jacob (F&S)
Unsung Hero:  Callum Christiansen (Moorestock), Tori Martin (CT), Maddy (F&S)

Most Improved: Josie Malnarick
Most Sportsmanlike: Jaxson Quinn-Young
Most Inspirational: Matti Maguire
Unsung Hero:  Callum Christiansen