Author: Randy

2023 Season

The 2023 season is now underway and all registrations are subject to waitlists and/or suitability for the division balance. Please email for further details. Thank you to all that registered early and thank you to the volunteers that have dedicated their time to organize the league and coordinate the details to make sport happen for our young athletes.

Online Registrations Open

Softball season is just around the corner!  Register early to make sure your name is on the list for Coach-pick.  Registration forms are available at Trail Bay Source for Sports, and below is an online registration form- submit prior to March 29th to ensure your spot.
Games start early April and continue until the wind-up tournament in Late June. Players will be contacted by their coaches before games start.

SUBJECT TO CHANGE:  U18 and U12/Mite have played Tu/Th at Kinnickinnik.  U16 on M/W at Hackett.  MiniMite(coach-pitch) on M/W at Picadilly or Davis Bay.  TBall Tu/Th at Sechelt Elem field.  These schedules are subject to change based on registration numbers and other factors (number of teams, adjustments to divisions, field availability).  Players are encouraged to register- if the schedule does not work, registration will be refunded
U18, U16 and U12 require jersey deposit ($50).

You can now register for the 2020 season online with our easy to use form. Click on the League Registration menu link, or click here!

2017 Award Winners

2017:  Congratulations to this year´s award winners in the U18 & U13 divisions.  Coaches picked award winners from their team, and nominated someone for the overall Division awards.

U18 Coaches:  Ryan Franken (BA Blacktop), Josh Rohmer (Source for Sports), Randy Younghusband (Gibsons Building Supplies)

Most Improved: Zoe Gartnmann (BA), Emelie Horabin (GBS), Nick Stinchcombe (Source)
Most Sportsmanlike: Celeste Evans (BA), Tyson Fallis (GBS), Meghan Robinson (Source)
Most Inspirational: Jordan Robinson (BA), Tristian Tidder (GBS), Nathaniel Marshall (Source)
Unsung Hero:  Jaden Fodchuck (BA), Tiffany Baldwin (GBS), Jaden Copping (Source)

Most Improved: Nick Stinchcombe
Most Sportsmanlike: Jordan Robinson
Most Inspirational: Zoe Younghusband
Unsung Hero:  Isaiah Murphy

U13 Coaches: Darryl Gower (Moorestock), Brad Wing (Canadian Tire), Dann Flatt (Flemming & Sombrowski)

Most Improved: Chase Stelter (Moorestock), Jackson Munro (CT), Carter (F&S)
Most Sportsmanlike: Jeni MacLean (Moorestock), Callum Baxster (CT), Blake (F&S)
Most Inspirational: Matti Maguire (Moorestock), Brittany (CT), Jacob (F&S)
Unsung Hero:  Callum Christiansen (Moorestock), Tori Martin (CT), Maddy (F&S)

Most Improved: Josie Malnarick
Most Sportsmanlike: Jaxson Quinn-Young
Most Inspirational: Matti Maguire
Unsung Hero:  Callum Christiansen

2015 Awards

Another wonderful year of fun and impressive softball has come to an end.  Thank you to all the families and athletes that choose minor softball as one of their sports, and help make the league what it is 🙂  For those that were not able to make the Awards ceremony, below are the names of a few players that display the work ethic, sportsmanship, leadership and quality play that make our league so great.  See you all next year!

MOST IMPROVED PLAYERS- Cheyenne (Claytons), Kayla Quinn-Young (StarTek), Hiro (CustomFloors)
MOST SPORTSMANLIKE PLAYERS- Gravity (Claytons), Maddie Robinson (StarTek), Hannah Wing(CustomFloors)
MOST INSPIRATIONAL PLAYERS- Sidney Sallows (Claytons), Nolan Johnson (StarTek), Jordan Jinks (CustomFloors)
UNSUNG HEROS- Daisy Evans (Claytons), Rathlin Fell (StarTek), Madeline Fawcus (CustomFloors)

MOST IMPROVED PLAYERS- Mike Hunsche (Welch´s), Megan Edgar (Flemming&Sombrowski), Sarah Marshall (GBS)
MOST SPORTSMANLIKE PLAYERS- Emma Price (Welch´s), Katherine Alcock (Flemming&Sombrowski), Mason Wells (GBS)
MOST INSPIRATIONAL PLAYERS- Tyler Stinchcombe (Welch´s), Ave Kooyman (Flemming&Sombrowski), Evan Robinson (GBS)
UNSUNG HEROS- Zoe Younghusband (Welch´s), Alexis Muir (Flemming&Sombrowski), Tiffany Baldwin (GBS)

MOST IMPROVED PLAYERS- Helena (BA Blacktop), Taylor LaVale (Inlet Raiders), Nathaniel Marshall (Source for Sports)
MOST SPORTSMANLIKE PLAYERS- Brennan Mayers (BA Blacktop), (Inlet Raiders), Kaz (Source for Sports)
MOST INSPIRATIONAL PLAYERS- Jordie Fawcett (BA Blacktop), Daniel Hansen (Inlet Raiders), Zach Phillips (Source for Sports)
UNSUNG HEROS- Esther Lu (BA Blacktop), James Wall (Inlet Raiders), Michael Bunbury (Source for Sports)

Squirt: Brittney Angus, PeeWee: Brian Rono, Bantam: Nick Stinchcombe
Squirt: Tori Martin, PeeWee: Tyler Stinchcombe, Bantam: Kordell Vaughn
Squirt: Gravity, PeeWee: Megan West, Bantam: Aaron Dixon
Squirt: Liam, PeeWee: Jayden Copping, Bantam: Michael Bunbury

1st- StarTek
2nd- Claytons
3rd- Custom Floors
1st- Welch´s Roofing
2nd- Flemming & Sombrowski
3rd- Gibsons Building Supplies
1st- Source for Sports
2nd- Inlet Raiders
3rd- BA Blacktop

1st- StarTek
2nd- Custom Floors
3rd- Claytons
1st- Welch´s Roofing
2nd- Flemming & Sombrowski
3rd- Gibsons Building Supplies
1st- Source for Sports
2nd- BA Blacktop
3rd- Inlet Raiders