Baserunning and Sliding

Leadoff: Rolling Start

Rolling start is used to gather speed prior to leaving base/release of pitch.  With pitcher releasing ball, runner has already begun increasing speed and will be taking a second step when foot leaves the base.

Bent Leg Slide

Bent Leg Slide.  Foot of bent leg under opposite knee.  Lead foot with toes pulled toward chin, so cleats on heel do not catch on ground.  Chin tucked in.  Backside square to ground (so pressure of slide is distributed along more surface- helps prevent abrasions).  Shoulders square and slowly lowered back- hands thrown up and back (to assist body move back away from tag, and keep hands/wrists off ground- preventing broken wrists).

Rounding the Bag

Take a rounded path to bag (cut-out prior to reaching bag).  Try to contact only inside corner of bag with ‘inside’ foot (to allow for best loading and pushing off of leg/base).  Leaning slightly into the turn will help accelerate thru turn.  Most important to keep speed up- do not slow down or studder step to contact with particular leg.