Start with warm up.  10-15 minutes.  Raise Body Temperature, Stretch (or check Range of Motion), Lubricate Joints, Sport-Specific warmup activity.  Traditionally, athletes would warm up in a stationary position and holding stretches for 30+ seconds- recently, it has been suggested that this type of stretching is more appropriate after activity to develop flexibility.  It is recommended that Dynamic Stretches (Dynamic Range of Motion) be performed, as they integrate raising body temperature, lubricating joints, balance/stability, and ensuring the body is able to move through the range of motion necessary for the sport.

Raise Body Temperature

Traditionally running, but great to incorporate fun into it (especially for younger athletes).  Can play tag, simon says, relay race, or other games that encourage bent knees.

Range of Motion

Dynamic Range of Motion (D-ROM) stretches.  …..

Arm Swings (with back twist), Jumping Jacks, Knee Pulls to Chest (stand tall/open chest)
Marching Man (knee to opposite elbow), Sumo Squats, Hurdles (fwd/bwd), Speed Skater, Tapioca/Carioca Drill, Knee-Ups, Butt Kicks, Lunges (fwd/bwd), Frankensteins (front alt. toe touch)

Lubricate Joints

While D-ROM stretches may do a decent job lubricating joints, it is sometimes necessary to ensure joints are warm and lubricated.  This is done by the traditional joint rotations/circles.

Head turns, arm circles (shoulders), wrist rotations, hip rotations, ankle rotations


Throwing- start close and slowly increase distance
Fielding- positioning and movements, focus and mechanics
Hitting- practice swings and mental preparation
SAQs- Can add speed/agility/quickness drills, as these mimic sport situations (quick fielding movements and baserunning sprints). Also important to do these drills when FRESH, as they should involve full effort and sharp execution.