Grip. Find ‘C’ or horseshoe. Fingers on top seams (top of C), thumb on middle bottom, gap- in fingers, not palm.

Snap. Wrist should be cocked, thumb pushed down. Wrist snaps and ball rolls off end of fingers (ball spin).

Follow Thru. To maximize power, involve as many muscles- fr largest to smallest. Should involve arm muscles&finger muscles. If these are all used, arm will curl up as it slows down (not finish straight).

Power Line

Power line:  ball should travel along straight line- path of ball up front and down the back is on direct line to middle of plate, or where L/R pitcher hopes to throw it). To do this, one must be sideways (fence drill), and arm make full circle. Without windmill, the K drill. Feet also must be aligned on power line. (T Drill). Stride foot moves toward catcher lands at ~45 degree angle.

Arm Speed

Arm Speed:  really just to add speed to pitch. For windmill, explode up into pitch. For slingshot, reach far back, get stretch & accelerate/pull down. As grow more comfortable, can add a bit of whip to arm (focus on loose/noodly)